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**PLEASE NOTE** The Environmental Data Portal (EDP) has replaced the Resource Data module of WMIS. To ease the transition, the Resource Data module of WMIS will be available in October however the data will not be as current as what is available in the new EDP. To be added to the list for information and updates, please Subscribe for Updates

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Legacy UID Name

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  • * Only sites assigned IDs prior to 2008 will have legacy information.
  • To search for a site by its legacy information (for example, RNF52), select Rainfall (RNF) in the Legacy Site Type column, and enter "52" into the Legacy Site Number box. If Site Number box is left empty, all Legacy Rainfall sites in the District will be returned.

Field Definitions

Search Method

After all search criteria have been specified, clicking the Search button retrieves all Data Collection Sites meeting the selected criteria. Results of the search are displayed on the Results Tab.

Reset Button

The Reset button clears all previously specified criteria on all tabs. As a general rule, when starting a new search click the Reset button before entering new criteria.

District Site ID (SID)

Site Identifier(SID) is a District-assigned unique numeric identifier for a particular geographical location at which data are collected. Data collection sites are most commonly represented as points but they can also be lines or polygons. To search by SID, enter the SID in the SID text entry box. NOTE: Multiple SIDs can be entered, separated by a comma. A list of District Site IDs in comma-delimited text format can also be uploaded by the user via the Upload Site List button.

District Site Name

District Site Name is the name assigned by the District for a particular geographic location at which data are collected. Each SID has an associated District Site Name. The District Site Name field enables the user to search by the District Site Name if they know either part or the entire name of the data collection site as it appears in the database. For example, if the user is searching for “PEACE RIVER AT NOCATEE”, the user can enter the entire name or just “PEACE” or only “NOCATEE”, and all sites having those words within their designated District Site Name will be returned.

Legacy Site Type

Legacy Site Type is the precursor site type used as part of the Legacy UID. To search by Legacy Site Type, follow these steps: 1. To select a Legacy Site Type, click on one of the Site Types from Legacy Site Type listbox. 2. To select multiple Site Types, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on multiple Site Types. 3. To deselect a Site Type once it is selected, hold down the CTRL key and click on the item you wish to deselect.

Legacy Site No

The legacy site number used as part of the UID. These numbers are unique within each legacy site type. To search by Legacy Site No: First select a Legacy Site Type, then enter a numerical value (no leading zeroes necessary). For example, to find the FLO 190 site, choose FLO as a Legacy Site Type, then enter 190 into the Legacy Site No text entry box.

Site Types Section

Clicking on one of the radio buttons within the Site Types section allows the user to choose: All Sites - when “All Sites” is selected the user can search all sites that are within the Resource Data Collection sites database, as well as all sites that are within the Water Use Permitted sites database. Data Collection Sites Only – by selecting this radio button the user can search those sites that are within the Resource Data Collection sites database. WUP Sites Only – the user can search all sites within the Water Use Permitted sites database when this radio button is selected.


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Resource Data Search

To find resource data and sites meeting any of the criteria, make one or more selections above. Then click the Search Button to execute your search, and a list of data collection sites meeting the search terms will display on the Results Tab.